Large Type

Full screen text on your iPhone

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When, you ask, will I use this app?

Lets say you want to show the address to the cab driver while travelling abroad. Or you need a quick teleprompter. Or need flash cards maybe?

Oh, and Large Type can remember things you type as well - this makes it a tiny bit more useful

It's a simple app, and might come in handy just once in a while.

Who, you ask, made this app?

Well, thank you for asking madam/sir! We did ...

Os (Developer)


Nav (Designer)


But, why?

Well, that's a little rude to ask, but if you must know ...

We were bored with too much coffee & too many ideas. So we chose one & thought we'd run with it. And look how far we've come! We made an app!

What's with the sheep?

Honestly, we don't know.

There a dancing sheep, rainbows & shiny things - were you guys high when you made this app?


I have some feedback ...

Oh, do let us know! You can tweet to us to email us at